What is a ‘video strategy,' and why do I need one?

It’s often useful to start with a tale about ‘the olden days’… You or your team decided to launch a marketing campaign, you agreed on the messaging, and either you or an agency came up with some creative ideas for a video which you conveyed to a ‘video production company’. The video went out – perhaps online, or even DVD if we’re going back further – and you hoped for the best.

You may have had some idea of how many people viewed it, and you may even have had some positive feedback or results that you could attribute to the video. But my experience is that you probably didn’t, and as a consequence you either didn’t make any more videos or it was some years before you were talked into doing it again. The results didn’t excite you.

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Source: What is a ‘video strategy,’ and why do I need one?

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