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There is a new generation of executives who view business differently. Digital leaders shaped by the internet era, who have a radically different mindset to more traditional leadership styles.

In many ways, the idea of digital leaders is just another buzzword. I mean, what the hell is a digital leader anyway? Is it even a thing? Probably not.

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That said, there is a new generation of executives who have been heavily influenced by the digital age and it is impacting their style of leadership, leading them in many cases to significant success. So what is this group doing differently? How is there thinking different?

Admittedly, many of the things they are doing are just modern best practice in business leadership. But some of their approaches are more directly influenced by digital itself. It is these aspects that I want to explore.

Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos, is just one example of a new generation of leader who takes a very different approach to management.

So what aspects of digital are influencing modern business leadership? Well, I believe there are three elements:

  • Digital has unique qualities.
  • Digital has changed consumer behaviour.
  • Digital is changing employees and their work.

Let’s delve into these and see what we can learn.

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Source: What Are Digital Leaders and Why Are They Succeeding?