Time for Digital to enter the board-room – Bill James: Medium

 Success comes when the board and CEO lead the way, so if digital transformation is core to your strategy then it’s time for digital to have a seat in the boardroom. The CEO and all of the C-suite need to drive the digital agenda, to drive a culture that is customer centric and puts digital at the forefront — not as an afterthought. Extending digital ownership beyond a function or department is key, and having a leadership model that can drive the digital transformation journey is key.

The push into an ambitious digital transformation will challenge the status quo and the equilibrium of the organisation. It will be a journey into unknown territory, sometimes demanding a leap of faith into new business models and/or investments. New skills, approaches, technologies and products will be needed or will emerge. The very culture and balance of the organisation will be tested and/or changed. Success in these situations will only come if the CEO and leadership team are committed and seen to be committed.

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Source: Time for Digital to enter the board-room – Medium

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