The Future of Asset Management Technology – Fintricity

An Industry Driven by Digital, Data and Artificial Intelligence

Asset Managers (as well as the wider financial services industry) have gone through difficult times over the past 9 years, and regulators have hampered their growth and imposed significant burdens on them to continue to do business.

Today, the sector is going through a structural, transformational change. Why? Because these increasing regulatory pressures can be difficult to manage, and, because investors want a better return on their money, a reduction in fees and middle men, new market opportunities and much more transparency and control.

Listen to Alpesh Doshi as he presents a 30-minute digital transformation webinar discussing how to leverage data, disruptive technologies and new business models to future-proof your business. In this session we use financial services, Uber and AirBnB as use cases.

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Source: The Future of Asset Management Technology – Fintricity

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