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The following article is a guest post by Monica Georgieff, marketing manager at Kanbanize, a company that provides Kanban software for lean management, describing her experience adopting this lean management method with her marketing team.

As I discussed in my book, Hacking Marketing, I believe there are tremendous opportunities for marketers to borrow and adapt management ideas like this from the software community to master the digital dynamics of their evolving profession.

You might be asking yourself — what do software development and marketing have in common?

In truth, there is a lot more common ground than you might think between the processes that occur in a software product development team and a marketing team. Consequently, the two can be structured similarly using the Principles of Lean, which have typically proven to lend themselves to the software development cycle.

Applying lean in marketing is an experiment in creating a more streamlined workflow than the creative team might have been used to before.

As the head of a marketing team, supporting the shipping of a SaaS product, I have become accustomed to trying out methods I see our developers use on my own team. Our case is even more unique, as our R&D team actually develops a tool that helps other product development teams apply the lean principles of Kanban to break down their work and track their process efficiency.

Naturally, the sales and marketing teams within our company also use the tool developed in-house, in order to test whether Kanban works not just for development teams, but for other professions as well.

Turns out — it not only works for marketing but it has improved our process threefold!


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Source: Running marketing like lean software development – Chief Marketing Technologist