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The job of many marketers consists of countless hours doing something that can be automated. Hence why Marketing automation is growing so much in recent years. It’s not just email, but also any other software that you can use that improves performance, such as automatic reporting tools, social media marketing, Analytics, SEO tools, testing tools, etc…

Believe it or not, in these marketing tools infographics, including this one from Scott Brinker you can see there are 3,874 tools in 2016 represented across 50 categories, no wonder we all walk into the jungle of marketing technology.

marketing landscape

Over 3,000 companies in 2016, is this good or bad?

The point of this graphic is to demonstrate the following:

  • Marketing has become a technological discipline;
  • Marketers need to know how to choose the best technology;
  • Marketing is evolving all the time and we need to deal with it.

Over 3,000 martech companies is not all bad news, it has big upsides. And these are the following:

  • Marketing innovations are designed to help marketers jump into the technology revolution
  • If applied with sound judgment from executive-led effort, these technologies become your friend.

Problems and opportunities are clear. Each solution claims that they provide important and unique features. So how do you know which of these suppliers you can go with? How do you even shortlist them to have, say, the top 3? Is there a recruitment process to make the right decision? 

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Source: How to select marketing reporting tools – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

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