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 By Andrew Littlefield

When you’re a content marketer who writes about content marketing, you start to see marketing analogies everywhere.

I was reading about the glacial history of New York City the other day. Fifty thousand years ago, a sheet of ice one thousand feet thick sat right on top of the five boroughs. Its far end extended down across Brooklyn and Queens, pushing soil, boulders, and anything else in its path up into a huge mound.

It’s fascinating how a glacier that disappeared tens of thousands of years ago still affects millions of people today. When the ice melted, the ridge of debris at its far end remained and is now the home of neighborhoods with names like Crown Heights, Bay Ridge, and Jamaica Hills.

Here’s where my marketing brain kicks in:

The way a glacier moves feels a bit like lead nurturing. (Or at least, lead nurturing in a perfect world.) In this metaphor, the ice serves as our nurturing efforts, pushing leads along with the overwhelming weight of our email prowess. The process might be slow, but the boulders in our path are powerless to our brilliant marketing.

But, truth be told, we’re less like a glacier and more like a wave crashing on the shore. Sure, we pick up a few shells as we move, but a vast majority of the sand we roll over stays put. A good number of the shells we push forward get sucked back out to sea as the next wave rolls in.

Marketing automation software is a powerful tool, but many of the companies that use the software to create nurture campaigns attempt to turn leads into customers through brute force.

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