International marketing webinars

Following the success of the Fund Marketing Academy, as well as our European benchmarking research, we have received increased demand to offer insight into key European markets. Therefore we are launching a series of six webinars over a ten-month period. Aimed at marketers within the asset management industry, the webinars are pitched to assume a competent level of understanding of campaign strategy, different client types and marketing terms. Both junior and senior marketers are welcomed.

The webinars will be 45 minutes long and have three distinct sections:

  1. Research Insights (presented by Hooplot Associates): Showcase of proprietary benchmark research in the market (20 mins)
  2. Peer group practitioner insights (presented by Carolin Galig -Lombard Odier Investment Management): In-house experiences, lessons and practical insights when marketing in the region (15 mins)
  3. Q&A from fellow marketing managers (10 mins)

In terms of the division of area, the research provided by Hooplot will cover the following:

  • Proprietary research of focussed market covering areas such as:Distribution channels & market idiosyncrasies
  • Any significant regulatory changes in recent years
  • Product preferences / appetite
  • Media landscape & marketing tools
  • Typical marketing approach & spend
  • Major players in the market& typical spend

The practitioner view is a much more practical perspective, covering experiences / what you have seen work or not:

  • Marketing tactics to get traction with the different client segments
  • If you were starting to market in the region, what would be the key marketing elements / strategies you’d put in place
  • Experiences in marketing across the distribution landscape
  • Best practice marketing approach – successes/failures
  • Important suppliers and relationships in the region
  • Future outlook & tips for success

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