Learn & network

Who should attend

This programme is designed to provide delegates with a rounded understanding of our industry along with key commercial marketing strategy.
The two typical audience types are generalist marketers who work across a range of marketing activities typically in a smaller team, and more specialist marketers in larger teams who want to broaden their marketing perspective and work towards a more T-shaped profile.
It is also useful for knowledge gap filling, valuable industry connections and an understanding of industry evolution in key areas.

All participants should have:

  • The energy to participate and an enthusiasm for broadening their peer group contacts and industry network
  • Been identified as an up-and-coming talent within the business

Experience can include:

  • 2-5 years’ experience: Marketers with individual growth prospects looking to learn, network and contribute
  • 5 years + generalists: Individuals looking to hone their marketing skills, they may not have a solid marketing background but want to grow in this space
  • 5 – 15 years’ experience: Solid understanding of the market, confident in discussion and keen to network and grow with those with similar backgrounds


We aim to harness as much of the face to face time for your key learning, and ask for a manageable assignment to be completed by the end of the course.

Pre course:

  • Submission of brief biography and high level overview of your marketing strategy.

During course:

  • Key learnings from the sessions and how you will apply them in your role.

Post course:

  • Marketing assignment (format of your choice): a 5000 word submission combining the key learnings from the Fund Marketing Academy with your business’ strategic direction (Due 30th June 2018).

FMA Student of the Year Award

One student will be awarded the prestigious Fund Marketing Academy’s Student of the Year award. This award is based on key engagement throughout the course and quality of the final marketing assignment.