Learn & network

The programme will comprise five modules, each module being a one day session running from 11:00am to 5:30pm at our convenient central London location, The Hospital Club, followed by an evening drinks reception. The five modules will be spread over a 10 month period to minimise disruption.
Each day will begin with an introduction and an industry overview of each relevant subject, followed by lunch. The afternoon will comprise three one hour interactive sessions in groups of a maximum of 12 delegates, with each group rotating through the detailed subject areas.
These small, workshop style sessions should ensure a hands on, effective learning environment where each delegate is expected and encouraged to contribute.

Overview of the UK Market – Wednesday, 26th September 2018

An introduction to the industry we work in, developing a solid understanding of our market, distribution channels and the historical context of financial services. The day will be hosted by Georgina Field, Partner & Founder, White Marble Marketing.

Morning presentations & panel:

  • Richard Romer-Lee, Square Mile. The context of how the market has evolved in recent years to our position today.
  • Jonathan Wilcocks, M&G. Sales and Marketing: The business critical need for a successful relationship.
  • Alexandra Haggard, Blackrock. How the institutional market has adapted and changed against the macro backdrop.

Afternoon workshops:

  • Sasha Dabliz, Rothschild. The key tools in marketing to Wealth Managers.
  • Jeremy Fawcett, Platforum. Recent findings in relation to the changing distribution space.
  • TBC. A look at the institutional market, how it is changing and key influencers.

Strategic Campaign Planning – Wednesday, 28th November 2018

Our first introduction to marketing in financial services, we develop an understanding of what “campaign” means in todays context, how do we plan, strategise and ensure commercial viability. The day will be hosted by Georgina Field, Partner & Founder, White Marble Marketing.

Morning presentations & panel:

  • TBC. The power of your brand within campaign strategy.
  • Toby Finden-Crofts, RiF. How to use research in informing effective campaign strategy.
  • Ally Foster, Janus Henderson. Showcasing the value of campaigns through clear KPIs within your business.

Afternoon workshops:

  • TBC. How to approach segmentation for effective campaigns.
  • TBC. The differing tools of the media mix available to you, when to use them and how.
  • TBC. Traditional campaigning has had its day. The future belongs to targeted, integrated and measurable marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy – Wednesday, 6th February 2019

Delegates should leave this day with an understanding of how to effectively communicate with customers, how to differentiate their business and how to manage the business’ story to an optimum. The day will be hosted by Georgina Field, Partner & Founder, White Marble Marketing.

Morning presentations & panel:

  • TBC. How I position my businesses to stand out from the crowd using effective content.
  • TBC. Uncovering and positioning your USP in your communications strategy.
  • Anne-Marie McConnon, BNY Mellon. A content marketing case study: how to make it happen in 5 easy steps.

Afternoon workshops:

  • Andy Skeen, A-Scribe. The importance of segmenting your audience and aligning your messaging.
  • TBC. How to ensure jargon free communications that are fair, clear and not misleading.
  • Jamie Legg, KL Communications. How to effectively leverage PR and marketing together.

Embedding Digital in Marketing – Wednesday, 24th April 2019

A lively and interactive day understanding the changing digital landscape, how to ensure effective e-marketing and what digital means in 2018. The day will be hosted by Andrew Scott, digital marketing director and ex Head of Digital at M&G and Investec.

Morning presentations & panel:

  • TBC. The future of digital. What digital means for organisations and people.
  • TBC.
  • TBC. How to 'do' digital in your enterprise.

Afternoon workshops:

  • TBC. Innovation hubs.
  • TBC. How to implement an effective social media strategy.
  • TBC. Setting and measuring campaign KPIs.

Developing Key Leadership Skills – Wednesday, 5th June 2019

Concluding our programme, we work on individual management styles and how to motivate and create award winning teams. The day will be hosted by Georgina Field, Partner & Founder, White Marble Marketing.

Morning presentations & panel:

  • TBC. What is leadership, my journey and how critical marketing is within organisations.
  • TBC. Case study examples of effective (and non effective) C-suite interactions.
  • TBC. The importance of relationships within enterprise.

Afternoon workshops:

  • TBC. The do’s and don’ts for effective communication with senior management.
  • TBC. Understanding your management style & leading a motivated team.
  • TBC. The powers of persuasion, influence and effective communication.