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Fund Marketing Academy

A structured one-year training programme focused on developing the brightest marketing talent in fund management.

The Fund Marketing Academy is designed to provide a tailored training, mentoring and networking forum for marketing personnel within the fund management industry.

Taking place over a year, the Academy provides structured learning, enhances knowledge and provides a platform for marketers to learn from and share challenges and experiences with peers in the industry.

The Academy provides:

  • Professional development for key marketing personnel to complement internal HR programmes
  • Incentive scheme to reward standout performance for individual members of marketing teams
  • Interactive, hands-on learning with practical, tangible outcomes
  • External marketing influences and broader knowledge base, to bring new and different perspectives to your marketing
  • Practical experience and independent thinking for promising marketing individuals
  • Leadership skills to develop personal confidence
  • Better connected, integrated team members with the wider industry and peer group network

The course is limited to 36 participants, to encourage a more immersive and hand-ons learning experience. Each of the five days will be based at our exclusive, members-only club location, from 9.00am-5.30pm.


Broaden knowledge and awareness of the asset management landscape, the competition, the client base, regulation and other external influences.


Bring new ideas and perspectives on marketing strategy, sales and communications mix, the media landscape and other suppliers.


Nurture and challenge the stars in our teams through a structured, educational programme and forum with other future marketing leaders.


All those confirmed with a place on the course will be given an assignment to complete over the programme’s duration.  At the outset they will be asked to define their own marketing strategy, in their words. As the course progresses they will be able to embed all of the learnings, to then submit a final marketing plan by 30th June 2019.   There will be an individual award agreed by a panel of our speakers for the best marketing proposal.


The course will be led by a team of highly experienced industry practitioners and specialists. Each module will include input from a selection of industry leaders, independent industry advisers and service  providers.

In my opinion, if you have a marketer in your team at a junior or mid-level, who’s bright and wants to learn - and equally you want to develop them - then the fund marketing academy is a no-brainer. The breadth, depth and quality of the programme is second to none and all of my team who have participated have demonstrably benefitted.

Vik Heerah
Head of UK Marketing, Artemis

Who should attend

This course is designed to provide delegates with a rounded understanding of our industry. It is relevant to generalist marketers with three to eight experience across the marketing mix and those with specialist skillsets to broaden their marketing perspective