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Eight years ago this week, I started my first real job, for a global financial institution. It was in the wake of the financial crisis, so banks weren’t exactly “employer goals”, but to be honest, I was just grateful to be getting a regular income. And my role? My job was to facilitate the process for checking that people had completed “Project Request” forms correctly. I literally spent my days reviewing MS Word documents to see if grown adults could follow instructions. And my boss? My boss’s role was to check that I had checked the forms. I have no idea what her boss did, but I shudder to think.

Looking back, now that I work somewhere where autonomous, accountable and open working is paramount, this situation seems unbelievably comic. The very idea of paying someone to check up on your employees for doing something they should be quite capable of doing themselves is the definition of ridiculous. Yet, in 2009, it seemed not only acceptable, but necessary.

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