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Digital marketing team structures

15 June, 2018

The typical marketing team model for asset management firms involves having a digital marketing team acting as a centre of excellence, being champions for digital (and often user-centric journeys and propositions) and often being the digital delivery or production team. This reflects the evolution of digital in the industry and the need for digital to…

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The Future of Asset and Wealth Management: Digital Transformation and Disruption | Innovation Blog

26 November, 2017

This site is optimized with the Yoast SEO plugin v5.8 – / Yoast SEO plugin. [if lt IE 9]> If you are involved in the asset and wealth management industry, get ready for big changes over the next decade. A recent global survey of more than 450 senior executives in asset and wealth management…

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Wealth and Asset Management 2022: The Path to Digital Leadership

26 November, 2017

The Path to Digital Leadership Digital transformation is happening now, driving financial institutions to question which platforms, technologies, and financial technology solutions will ensure success. In a new global study, Roubini ThoughtLab surveyed 1500 industry leaders to explore the motivations, benefits, and rewards that result from embracing the new digital world. Digital transformation survey results…

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What Are Digital Leaders and Why Are They Succeeding? – Boagworld

12 October, 2017

There is a new generation of executives who view business differently. Digital leaders shaped by the internet era, who have a radically different mindset to more traditional leadership styles. In many ways, the idea of digital leaders is just another buzzword. I mean, what the hell is a digital leader anyway? Is it even a…

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12 org stacks reveal people-process-technology triangles – Chief Marketing Technologist

11 October, 2017

We kicked off MarTech East in Boston on Monday with an awards ceremony for The Stackies: Org Edition. While the previous versions of this awards program encouraged marketers to share visualizations of their marketing technology stacks, this one invited people to share ideas about how their marketing organizations are conceived. We wanted to shed light…

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Getting In Shape For GDPR – What You Need To Know And Do – ProFundCom

10 October, 2017

The EU’s sweeping new set of data protection rules will require big changes from wealth managers – and those in other sectors. This article gets into some of the pertinent details. Just when wealth management industry folk thought it might have been a bit quieter once the MiFID II process started in January next year,…

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Barriers to the boardroom: closing the social media management gap

6 July, 2017

Social media was originally developed as a channel to network and engage in conversation with friends, family and colleagues just over a decade ago. However, over the years it has evolved into a global commercial machine with endless possibilities for organisations to engage directly with their consumers. more There are now 40 million business pages…

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Digital Transformation: Why Tech Alone Won’t Cut It – POST*SHIFT

15 June, 2017

Pick any organisation in the FTSE500 and they will probably have a digital transformation initiative of some kind. Indeed, according to IDC, budgets allocated to be spent on digital transformation globally are forecast to reach an estimated $1.2 trillion – an upward trajectory that shows no signs of slowing. But when you dig into what those budgets are…

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Asset management 2020: Asset & wealth management insights: PwC

14 June, 2017

The pace of change in the asset and wealth management (AWM) industry is accelerating on a path of creative destruction. The environment and game changers that we described in Asset Management 2020 are evolving. Ahead of publishing a full paper in the autumn, please download this edition of Asset & Wealth Management Insights to read more…

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12 Global Internet Trends to inform your 2017 strategy – Smart Insights

9 June, 2017

Key Insights and implications for marketers from Mary Meeker’s latest annual report for KPCB Have you seen Mary Meeker’s latest report of Internet trends? There’s a fair chance you have. The Slideshare featured at the end of this post has been viewed by over one million since it was released on the 31st May. It’s…

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