FMA Day Three – Effective Content Marketing

For those who don’t already know, the Fund Marketing Academy brings together 30 of the top future marketing leaders in the asset management industry. Both a Chartered Institute of Marketing endorsed and award winning programme, the Academy aims to grow and develop this intimate group, through learning and networking with some of the top leaders in the asset management industry. 


Day three of the Academy, held in February 2018, focused on Effective Content Marketing, with the aim to really delve into efficient, value add and understandable communication. Entrepreneur and financial expert Holly Mackay, of Boring Money, kickstarted the day with a refreshing challenge to us in making personal connections with customers. Holly used visual identifiers (aka cheesy props) to showcase how we can make change through our communications, using people, their voices, their photos to create these connections. Advocating challenge and change, Holly noted that in order to rip up any rule book, we must first truly understand it and she challenged us not to be accomplices in a dystopian society! 


Lucian CampLucian Camp Consulting, was next up highlighting the importance of evolution to stay engaged with one’s audience in a way that is relevant to our brands. If relevance and engagement is viewed as a Venn diagram, we must endeavour to remain in the sweet spot of overlap. All content must, Lucian believes, be fully aligned with the business’ brand idea or brand asset or central to the marketing proposition, in order to achieve measurable results..  


To finish the morning sessions, Anne-Marie McConnon Chief Marketing Officer of BNY Mellon International brought practitioner insight and experience for how, in Anne-Marie’s view, change was necessary to disrupt content in the industry. After gaining a clear understanding of the business and customer landscape Anne-Marie shared with us the journey she is taking the business on in bringing key findings from the publishing world and creating the first of it’s kind newsroom in asset management.


The Academy endeavours to bring together the morning’s insight into interactive workshop debate through a series of expert led sessions. Andy Skeen of A-Scribe led workshops which highlighted the relationship between benefit and effort in consuming content, and how this translates to readership. Switching key words such as “I” into “we” and “you” making content about one’s reader. Dawn Hyams of The Wisdom Council facilitated a discussion around the industry regulator’s key concerns in investment marketing content. Through research with customers, Dawn highlighted the key factors in customer considerations for investment, and the impact of auto enrollment on customer understanding, or lack of. Andrew Appleyard,  Director of MRM Communications, discussed the true meaning of “PR”. Whether it is an article, a brochure, or simply walking into an office, in Andrew’s view it all contributes to PR. Leveraging their ROSIE system, Andrew walked us through his view of the methodology marketers should adopt when launching any new content. 


Members can view the slides here, or for further information please contact us 

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