Developing Cross Platform Content Marketing Strategies

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Developing Cross Platform Content Marketing Strategies

About the event

The reach and influence of marketing has grown significantly.  It is starkly apparent when considering the areas that marketing teams need to understand and integrate in their plans.

A cross-platform content strategy requires an understanding of brand management, strategic objectives, marketing tactics, competitor positioning, products, suitability and risk, regulation and compliance as well as detailed insight into the customer and their needs. It also depends on building the infrastructure to distribute content, to measure analyse and leverage data as effectively as possible, and to support multiple client touchpoints in a consistent journey from start to finish.

All this before writing any actual content! There’s a lot to cover in our presentation on 1st November at the morning event hosted by Noel and his team at ClearPath Analysis.  We hope you can join us. If so, please register here.

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8:15 am - 12:00 pm



Double Tree by Hilton - Tower of London


7 Pepys St, London, EC3N 4AF


0207 822 1818



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Leadership & Development


Clear Path Analysis


0207 822 1818


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