Building Blocks of Influencer Marketing

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Building Blocks of Influencer Marketing

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About the event

This breakfast session will cover the fundamental building blocks of an influencer marketing strategy, answering the big questions on this emerging and growing field of communications. This will include:

  • Why is influencer marketing relevant to my organisation?
  • How do I convince colleagues to get involved?
  • What kind of influencers should I look to engage?
  • How do I build relationships with the key influencers in my space?

About the presenter:

Jack Morel-Paulo is Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy at Onalytica, the leading software & consultancy partner in the influencer space. He’s helped plan & run influencer campaigns for brands like Accenture, Microsoft, UBS, Yorkshire Building Society & Intuit.

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1 Poultry


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Market Insight


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