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Pick any organisation in the FTSE500 and they will probably have a digital transformation initiative of some kind. Indeed, according to IDC, budgets allocated to be spent on digital transformation globally are forecast to reach an estimated $1.2 trillion – an upward trajectory that shows no signs of slowing. But when you dig into what those budgets are actually spent on, it is solely on technology in some form.

This baffles me because we know that the biggest barriers to leveraging the agile, connected ways of working are not lack of tech spend, but behavioural. Legacy structures and processes, entrenched for decades from pre-digital era thinking, actively make it harder to enable the responsive practices that would allow an organisation to become adaptive.

Having new apps and mobile-optimised websites mean little, if your processes are still siloed with clunky hand-offs between departments. All the enterprise collaboration tools and digital workplace deployments in the world will have little effect, if people are still working out of their inbox between meetings, while big data architecture deployments alone will not save you from layers of hierarchy that block your people from acting on any insights derived. Put bluntly, all you will get from focussing on tech alone, is lipstick on a pig.

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Source: Digital Transformation: Why Tech Alone Won’t Cut It | POST*SHIFT