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10 months ago

Don’t just stand for something, stand against your competitors

Understanding investor objectives is undoubtedly crucial for asset managers, but as Mark Ritson points out, using competitors as a positioning tool can be extremely powerful. Direct comparison makes for a more tangible message and helps articulate what your brand stands for.

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PR & Comms

12 months ago

How are your emails keeping up with the changes in trends happening around us?

How do you keep your messages relevant for your audience? How can you make sure they are being read and not dumped in their trash folder? This annual email marketing report conducted by Stoneshot covers these topics and more.

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PR & Comms

1 year ago

French regulator rules out campaign to restrict UK fund managers

With nearly two in five asset managers reportedly looking at Brexit relocations, the latest from the European Banking Association (EBA) might make the remaining three fifths re-evaluate their position. The EBA’s contradiction of the Bank of England, saying that UK assets could carry higher capital charges after the UK leaves the EU, continues to ramp up the pressure for financial institutions to prepare for a hard Brexit.

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