AI in marketing today is both overrated and underrated

If you like a bit of buzzword bingo then you’ll no doubt be familiar with artificial intelligence (AI) being thrown into conversations, particularly conversations around marketing automation.

It’s a bit like digital a few years ago. If you could get a bit of digital into your marketing then your problems would be solved. Of course we’ve discovered since then that yes, digital transformation can indeed change and grow your business, but it must be built on a customer centric model that matches what your audience wants with what you want to achieve.

AI is a bit like that. The opportunities for AI to enable learning and growth at scale are amazing. But doing clever things with data relies on having good data in the first place. Clean data with an agreed taxonomy for how you categorise and segment. Data that spans channels. Data that is client centric. And data that can be interrogated and managed easily.

So get the basics right before you start layering complex models on top.

Secondly it’s important to be clear about what AI is and isn’t. If you set up a marketing automation that has some simple rules – if client clicks then do this, or if client reads this then advance them through the funnel – that’s not a learning process. You’re not empowering the machine to learn and adapt. For AI to be utilised, the machine has to be given the opportunity to learn from the process, have access to the levers, be empowered to change the process to achieve growth.

Once you’ve built that – then setting AI free to be clever for you at scale becomes the objective.

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Source: AI in marketing today is both overrated and underrated

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