7 things to do when stuck in a dead end digital team – Paul Boag

Many in-house digital teams are under resourced and under appreciated. But moaning isn’t going to bring about change. Fortunately, there are positive steps you can take.

Start a User Experience Revolution at your place of work

Few of us get to work for a Silicon Valley startup or a digital giant like Facebook. Most of us work in more traditional organisations. Organisations whose management are struggling to come to terms with digital. Management who still don’t appreciate what it is we do.

But sitting around waiting for our management team to ‘get it’ is not going to achieve anything. We need to act. We must either fight for change or move on. Either way we have nothing to fear as we are much in demand.

If you do decide to fight for recognition, here are 7 practical steps you can take today. Steps Paul unpacks and adds to in his book the User Experience Revolution.

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Source: 7 things to do when stuck in a dead end digital team

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