Brand Identity & Definition: Tips for discovering brand authenticity

  • Don’t be lazy

Keep digging for the finer nuances of what you do differently & express it with heart and purpose.

  • Involve everyone

Only if you involve all departments and levels of seniority can you truly bring the ‘inside out’ and find a position that everyone feels a part of.

  • Appeal to the ‘left’ side brainers

Not everyone finds it easy to bring emotive language in to your brand definition but continue to challenge people to add heartfelt colour to reason and logic.

  • Keep it simple

Too many statements are forgettable and hard to live up to.  Do the work to really boil down your position to its simplest, most striking form.

  • Be specific

Too many statements are generic and could apply to your competition as much as anyone else.  Be specific so that it’s meaningful and relatable.

  • Be personal

Take the time to ensure everyone across the business knows it applies to them & their jobs.  Everyone has a responsibility for living the brand.

  • Be brave

Not always does what you discover chime with what already exists.  Make needed changes in the business to allow a true and distinctive brand articulation to live.

  • Embrace it

For a brand to really deliver a competitive advantage, it should breathe through every aspect of the business and the behaviour of staff, from recruitment policies to how you communicate internally and externally.

Don’t be lazy – Keep digging for the finer nuances of what you
do differently & express it with heart and purpose.

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