No Small Change – why financial services needs a new kind of marketing

Here is a short (ish) podcast by my very old friend Lucian Camp who has recently published a book about FS Marketing – No Small Change. This is an extract of some of the best bits and well worth a listen. As a veteran of the business he has seen so much change and has a great perspective on what we do. With all the noise in our business these days – it’s interesting to go back a bit to see how much things have changed. As a self-confessed and full-time cynic, Lucian has always questioned the status quo, and argued for the more obvious and sensible approach.

Whilst we might agonise about the details of our daily deadlines – his macro view of the wider FS industry and the transformation over the last 30 years is refreshing. He says the Big Data revolution is nothing new and has a long time to go….before it truly delivers a 1-2-1 consumer focus. We’re ‘still taking baby steps’, he claims.

Looking at other sectors to see how they have survived and tackled challenges over recent decades provides great food for thought as to how we can work through the next few years.

Enjoy the Eeyore perspective! 

This podcast by Lucian Camp is an extract of some of the best bits from his book about FS Marketing – No Small Change.

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