There is no one solution

Was anyone else fascinated to see the wide range and intense advertising campaign by Facebook, post Cambridge Analytica scandal?  I couldn’t step on a train or open a newspaper without seeing one of their adverts.  Like them or loathe them, it was an impressive mass market push, outside their normal digital environment, to try and rebuild trust in their brand. 

Brand is getting a lot of attention recently.  Many of our clients are clear about the value that a well-articulated, consistent, meaningful brand can bring.  It isn’t always easy to ‘bring the inside out’ and present a relevant, purposeful business that has a connection with its clients.  And clients can smell it when it’s not authentic.  So you can’t fake it! 

This great article from the New Statesman challenges our thinking and the evolution of advertising strategy in storytelling (isn’t that we are ultimately doing, or should be doing?) and brand building. It also starts the hamster wheel turning as to what is the best balance between data, segmentation and targeting versus the benefits of wider broadcast media.   

One thing is clear – there is no one solution.  Only by knowing what your strategic objectives are can you really decide on the best tactics.  Unfortunately the rigour and time historically applied to this ‘unsexy’ strategic planning bit hasn’t always been the strongest in our industry, albeit we are seeing some change here.  Nonetheless, if you have a great story to tell and the means to tell it with personality and authenticity, you are half way to success!

This article from the New Statesman discusses the evolution of advertising strategy in storytelling and brand building and looks at what the best balance is between data, segmentation and targeting versus the benefits of wider broadcast media.

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