How are your emails keeping up with the changes in trends happening around us?

We all know the financial services industry is saturated with competition.  Coupled with a time poor audience hungry for information that will aid their decision making, standing out amongst your competitors is crucial.  So, how do your emails keep up with the changes in trends? How do you keep your messages relevant for your audience? How can you make sure they are being read and not dumped in their trash folder?

This annual email marketing report conducted by Stoneshot covers these topics and more: it looks at what IFAs preferences are, when you’re likely to see engagement and even how to immediately grab their attention within an email.

In addition, there are 5 rules to follow to ensure optimal engagement:

#1 Optimise and test for mobile

#2 Make templates more skimmer-friendly

#3 Keep copy short and simple

#4 Call to your readers interests with personalised content

#5 Make your call to actions clear


With that in mind here is the full report:

Please note, to download the report you will have to complete your details.

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