Backing a greener future: The investment companies helping to tackle environmental issues

Responsible investing – in all its different guises and incarnations – continues to feature heavily throughout trade press. Whilst there remains a significant education gap for fund buyers in understanding what the difference is between ESG, negative screening, sustainable and impact investing, it’s interesting to see that one of the most important aspects seems to be slowly filtering through to end investors. Although studies show that incorporation of ESG analysis makes for better investments over the long-term and leads to higher returns, the concept of empowerment is often overlooked. Helping individuals to realise that they can influence how companies behave – that they can invest in interesting themes, stories and businesses around the world – will be one of the major ways of achieving the necessary systemic changes in order to minimise the effects of climate change. The latest press release from the AIC showcases just some of the products on offer. Through our pensions, ISA, and investment dealing accounts we all have the power to change the world!


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