I knew it wasn’t dead…

It never ceases to bewilder me when, during a campaign tactics discussion, someone immediately puts the kybosh on direct mail. “It’s too expensive”, “we live in a digital age”, “people throw post away” and my personal favourite “direct mail is dead”.

Understandably, these 10 facts explaining why direct mail is far from dead in 2018 was a sight for sore eyes.

Not only do young people say that they prefer direct mail offers to digital – they actually respond to direct mail offers well. The Data & Marketing Association (formerly the Direct Marketing Association) marks 18-21 year olds’ response rate as 12.4%!

According to the United States Postal Service (USPs), 69% of people think direct mail is more personal than email and an Epsilon conducted study revealed that over 80% of people immediately sort through their mail upon receipt.

While I am not suggesting direct mail is a must for every campaign, just because it’s a method that’s existed for over a thousand years doesn’t mean it’s outdated. As this article says, if the method works, it works!

Link: https://www.listgiant.com/direct-mail-marketing-in-2018/


Further reading to support lovers of direct mail:



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