Digital marketing team structures

The typical marketing team model for asset management firms involves having a digital marketing team acting as a centre of excellence, being champions for digital (and often user-centric journeys and propositions) and often being the digital delivery or production team.

This reflects the evolution of digital in the industry and the need for digital to have dedicated resources – possibly sometimes because there is safety in numbers!

Annemarie Hanlon writes in Smart Insights about the different structure options as part of a digital transformation journey.

  • the informal model
  • the centralised model
  • the independent model
  • the hybrid model

In my experience most firms are moving between the centralised model and the hybrid model. Whilst that reflects reality, we are surely getting close to the scenario where marketing teams are made up of people with T-shaped skills that include digital marketing.

This addresses the dangerous ground of digital being seen as some form of special marketing channel, instead of being part of an overall client centric model – that simply follows the client through journeys that encompass events, print, web, mobile, etc.

That said, there are specialist digital skills; SEO, analytics, etc that will require a central team to deliver or to manage external agencies.

Read the full article: Digital marketing team structure examples

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