Branding: Do all investment managers tell the same story?

How many times have you created content that talks about being ‘client focused’. Lots?  Well so has everyone else. Often thought of as a ‘safe’ strategy, brands will often focus on messages such as client focused, global reach, strong risk management.  And why not, these are important.  But as this article demonstrates, this is not necessarily a ‘safe’ strategy as everyone else is saying the same thing. In fact, as they argue, in todays’ financial climate, there is nothing ‘safe’ about being ‘me-too’.

Brands that don’t compete or stand out from the crowd, risk becoming as faceless as their counterparts. Brands that are willing to differentiate, have a point of view and communicate that, will have a better chance of engaging with an increasingly complex and demanding market. So if you are saying the same as everyone else, think again.

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