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This post from the team at Stoneshot is timely and useful for marketers and firms considering how they both meet the increasing requirements for prescribed literature and building better customer experiences.

Unfortunately documents like factsheets and KIIDs or KIDs are not designed with the end user in mind and the ubiquitous PDF format still reigns supreme – with fund literature being listed on websites and very little integration across fund information, content and literature.

There is recent example of Blue Whale trying to push the user experience of factsheets –

But there is an underlying need for the deconstruction and integration of fund information, content and literature. Firms need to take control of their information and data (or at least ensure they have access to it) – so they are holding the ‘raw’ information and data, which can then be supplied and compiled into the right format, in the right place at the right time.

So fund information can be presented in html format (website), delivered to an app, made available to partners (API) and integrated with content.

The firms who can create and execute the architecture for this – will be the ones that can deliver on great client experiences and deliver across whatever current and future devices come along.

And you can still print a PDF if you really need to.

Reinventing Fund Literature: How to Balance Compliance with User-Friendly Content

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