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We kicked off MarTech East in Boston on Monday with an awards ceremony for The Stackies: Org Edition.

While the previous versions of this awards program encouraged marketers to share visualizations of their marketing technology stacks, this one invited people to share ideas about how their marketing organizations are conceived.

We wanted to shed light on the people-process points on the golden triangle of people-process-technology — and how they’re evolving with what new technology makes possible.

Admittedly, this was a big ask. Most companies aren’t used to publicly revealing how they structure or operate their marketing departments. Traditionally, it would have been taboo to publish your org chart out in the open.

But we were hoping that a few bold executives would be willing to share their ideas on modern marketing organizations with the community. It didn’t have to be a classic org chart. In fact, the label of “org stack” was intentionally vague, to let people visualize facets of their organizational capital in new and imaginative ways.

And they did! I am incredibly grateful to the 12 marketing leaders who contributed entries to The Stackies: Org Edition. Here are all 12 entries (you can click on any of them for a larger, high-resolution version of their “org stack” graphic):

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Source: 12 org stacks reveal people-process-technology triangles at #MarTech – Chief Marketing Technologist

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